The club - due to join the A-League in 2020 - say they decided on the name and colours after "extensive community consultation".

At the launch today, they said it was "...a name synonymous with the geographical region that bridges Sydney and rural New South Wales, and named after Elizabeth and John Macarthur who were founders and pioneers of the Australian wool industry."

Macarthur says the area has football history dating back almost 100 years to Camden Havens which was founded in 1922, with 20 Socceroos and 10 Matildas growing up in the area, including Brett Emerton and Heather Garriock. 

The club colours were chosen to represent the diverse cultures of the area, said the club in a statement today.

"Like the club, [they] are authentically fun, tribal, proud, hard working and inclusive," said the statement.

"Ochre is included to represent one of the traditional colours for the local Dharawal Aboriginal people on whose land the Macarthur region sits.

"The logo includes a bull which is demonstrative of the club’s physical power as well as a tilt to history when a runaway herd of cattle was discovered in the region in 1795, and three stars of the Southern Cross to symbolise football’s links with the grassroots football community, the National Premier League and the A-League."

Macarthur FC will play at Campbelltown Stadium, with its training headquarters to be based at a new Centre of Excellence which is currently under construction, with facilities at the University of Western Sydney at Campbelltown being used in the interim.