Two of the Revolution's players had family members injured on Monday, with the father-in-law of goalkeeper Matt Ries in a critical condition, while the girlfriend of midfielder Chris Tierney was also taken to hospital due to injuries sustained in the blasts and is reportedly stable.

Heaps argued that his players 'wanted to be around each other' in an attempt to begin the mental rehabilitation process.

"They want to be here, it's one of those days where you don't want to be in a situation where things are cancelled or stopped because then you can't make that first step forward," Heaps said on Tuesday.

"And you could tell, with guys coming in today, they wanted to be around each other.

"They wanted to talk about it."

With the Revolution based within 50 kilometres of Boston, plenty of the club's players were in the crowd watching Monday's marathon.

Tierney reflected on his experience in the aftermath of the dual blasts near the finish line, while revealing how he had run into team-mates around Boston.

"Yeah, it was mayhem," Tierney said.

"There was a bunch of us in the area … and it was just chaos … you know, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of different reports going around.

"So some of us on the team actually ran into each other randomly on the streets and it was just great to see each other was ok."

New England defender A.J. Soares urged the Boston community to come together and help each other, just as the Revolution planned to.

"It's important for everyone to support anyone they know who has been affected," Soares said.

"You know, one of ours, Matt Reis' family, has been affected and he's part of our family.

"So, essentially, the Revolution family has been affected and everyone's just there for Matt, anything he needs, he knows that we're there."