Baumjohann has opened up about his time in Australia to German website transfermrkt – and has been brutally honest in his appraisal.

He's hailed the talent of some his team-mates and rivals, saying each club in the A-League has one or two players each who could play at the highest level of the Bundesliga.

And he says there are several more at every club who would be more than capable at 2.Bundesliga level...but after that the quality slips.

"The two best clubs would perhaps play in the top of the 2.Bundesliga and the rest plays on lower second league level," he told the website.

"In each club there are one, two players who could play in the Bundesliga. Five to six professionals would play a good role in the 2nd league. The rest is then at lower two or three league levels.

"The fact that you can only have five foreigners per club in Australia, it is of course a bit difficult, because the best Australians also go to Europe or Asia. The foreign players make a big difference."

But he added that paying at cavernous empty stadiums was robbing the sport of excitement in the stands.

"Here in Australia the stadiums are quite good," said the playmaker. "They are relatively large because they usually play rugby league or Aussie Rules, which are the dominant sports here.

"We are currently playing our home games at the Olympic stadium with a capacity of 80,000 - the last game had 8,000 spectators.

"Of course, there can be no atmosphere."

The Bayern Munich and Borussia Munchengladbach veteran was signed by Wanderers' German coach Markus Babbel who has also targeted French legend Franck Ribery, who caused outrage when he was spotted eating a $1000 gold-covered steak in January.

Babbel reportedly told Ribery he would be a rock star in Australia – but Baumjohann disagreed.