While not a familiar transfer system to western nations, who are used to players moving directly from club to club, many Middle Eastern and Asian nations exercise a greater fluidity between league and individual clubs.

This doesn't hamper, but instead enlargens their potential expenditure, with the biggest Qatari clubs known to spend in excess of $50 million in transfer windows, largely on Brazillian players.

There have been some tightening of the purse strings in recent times, another reason for a greater level of centralised cohesion. But this shouldn't stop Rogic fetching a fee of around $7 million from Celtic, should he - as expected - leave the Hoops for Qatar this season.

Interestingly though, it's possible that the unnamed club at the heart of this transfer may not even yet be known.

There are also rumours that Rogic could be transferred to Brighton in a swap deal for Brighton defender Shane Duffy, with Celtic boss Neil Lennon admitting two days ago that he was definitely interested in the Albion defender.

But, perhaps disappointing for Aussie EPL fans, the major consensus still lies on a Rogic move to Qatar...whichever club that may be.