Wellington come into the contest - only the second finals appearance in the club's history - in poor form after three losses in their past four matches, the latest a 5-0 thumping at the hands of premiers Perth Glory.

But Rudan, in what could be his final match in charge of the Nix, is trying to remind the Kiwi club how far they've come and how large an opportunity lies in front of them.

"I understand that there could be a few more nerves but it's my job to calm them down and let them know that they've done extremely well to get here," Rudan said.

"We deserve to be here. It's just reward. I've been here before as a coach, whether it's A-League or NPL is the same processes.

"It's about maximizing that opportunity."

The Phoenix face a Melbourne Victory squad that have also suffered a mixed run into finals, but are exerting confidence from winning the Championship last season after finishing in fifth position.

But Rudan - who hasn't lost a game to Victory this season throughout three confident performances from Wellington - isn't swayed by the lofty opposition.

"They're all teams that are worthy of being (in finals) and we've taken points up all of them. So for us, it doesn't matter," he continued.

"It's about grabbing that opportunity, I don't see any pressure on us. I've told the players throughout the season there are moments where people questioned us...there is absolutely no pressure on us.

"No one's giving us the slightest chance to get past Victory and that's fine with us - that's how we want it. We're all in this together. I expect everybody to stand up and lead.

"That's how we've gotten through and had such a successful season, because they've all played a part."