Rudan coached Sydney United to the top of the NSW NPL, beating out this Sunday’s grand final opponents Blacktown City by nine points.

And while the former Sydney FC captain is happy the FFA Cup shines a spotlight on the NPL, he believes more emphasis should be placed on the achivements of players during the regular season.

“The FFA Cup gives the players a platform on the national stage to play against A-League opponents or other state league clubs and that is a good opportunity for the players.," he said.

"But if you really want to develop and improve each player and get them to the next level that comes down to the A-League coaches going down there and watching these player’s week in week out. Getting in touch with respective coaches and asking around for coaches’ advice and seeing if they’ve got any players in their respective teams that are good enough to at least trial or be an A-league player."

Rudan said Blacktown City’s Danny Choi Choi was an example of an NPL player capapble of cutting it in the A- League, and not because of the 70 metre FFA Cup wonder goal which led to United’s FFA Cup exit.

“Take nothing away from Danny Choi,” he said. “Anyone could have hit that 70-metre strike. The kid deserves a lot of attention for a fantastic strike, bit for mine Danny Choi is one of the premier players in the NSW NPL.  

“If A-League coaches went out there and watched him week in week out they’d find he’s an exceptional talent and that is more important. Because like I said anyone could have hit the ball and it could’ve been a guy that was playing his first game and you don’t really take too much out of it.

“But I’m glad in one way that Danny was able to do that because he certainly deserves I believe to go to the next level.”

Rudan said he was proud of Sydney United’s focus on youth as players such as Lachlan Roberts (Western Sydney Wanderers) and Chris Zuvela (Sydney FC) who have made the transition to A-League clubs.

“The club’s mission statement is to be the best development club in the country,” he said.

“One of the big reasons I enjoy coaching at this level is giving players an opportunity to grow and give them experience to play in these sorts of games,” he said. “I could easily go and revert to getting a big name player which will attract a lot of attention to the game.

"But I believed in giving a young 17-year-old like Lachlan Roberts was last year and Nathan Bertolisio and Chris Zuvela an opportunity. That will stick in their minds for a lot longer and it would certainly improve them as players as well because they had an opportunity to play on a platform like that.”