Western United coach Mark Rudan has queried the reintroduction of the VAR for the A-League finals.

The VAR was used for the majority of the season but has been absent since the restart - which drew criticism from Wellington coach Ufuk Talay after his side had some key decisions go against them in last month's loss to Sydney.

But earlier this week, the FFA confirmed the technology would return for the final five games of the season.

"All I can say is that it's been a great spectacle without it, the players have enjoyed not having all those long stoppages as well and we're gonna have to deal with it now that it's back in," Rudan said.

"I'm not sure if we were asked about it - I certainly wasn't asked about it - if we wanted to have VAR back or not.

"... I dare say that if they did ask, I would have said 'why change something that's not broken?' I thought they were doing a great job without it."

Rudan praised the job match officials had done since the restart and said games had been more fluid without VAR.

"I think if you ask the players and the fans, they believe without VAR it's probably a better spectacle," he said.

"We believe the game runs more smoothly and more efficiently, there aren't as many breaks."

Perth coach Tony Popovic said the VAR was important in terms of ensuring key decisions were made, but wanted the reviewing system to be quicker.

"We all agreed that VAR was good for the decisions that are required in terms of a black-and-white decision," he said.

"We all felt that the time taken to make those decisions was a little bit too long and that's something that needs to be worked on from the officials."

The Glory boss says just as they did when the VAR was unavailable, teams will quickly adjust to its reinstatement.

"I hope they can use it well in terms of managing the time it takes to make decisions but the key decisions that it's needed for, I think we'll all adjust to that very quickly."