The first-choice Socceroos goalkeeper position has become one of the most keenly contested spots in the Australian line-up.

Both Ryan and Mitch Langerak have been playing regularly and showing consistent form for their respective clubs in Belgium and Germany. 

Ryan had been the number one choice in recent times, but in the first of the Socceroos two recent World Cup Qualifiers, Postecoglou opted for Langerak.

While for the home qualifier against UAE, Ryan was recalled and the Genk gloveman said he was comfortable with Postecoglou’s rotation policy.

“No one owns their position,” he said.

“He’s always keeping everyone on their toes and always saying no one is a guaranteed starter or a guaranteed player.

“Obviously, I was disappointed personally to not play against Iraq. But obviously, Mitch had done a great job also. It’s just the depth that we have in every position.

“When you look at all the great teams around the world they all have two players for every single position.”

Postecoglou said he rotated the two goalkeepers due to Langerak and Ryan suiting different conditions and the playing style of the opposition.

“Sometimes it’s horses for courses,” he said.

“But we felt against Iraq, that with Mitch they were going to bombard us and play direct - which happened. With the ground the way it was we knew that we wouldn’t be able to play out much so for us it was a decision to put Mitch in there.

“Beyond that I thought Maty was brilliant against UAE and it’s helping now that he’s actually playing some football.

“He looked sharp and he looked determined and you know what? Maybe missing out on the Iraq game helped him focus even more which is exactly what we want.”

Meanwhile, Ryan revealed both he and Langerak shared a friendly rivalry.

“Obviously it was good personally for Mitch to put in that performance for the team and it helped the team greatly and when I got on and I tried to do the best that I could,” he said.

“We have a professional relationship. We are both disappointed when we are not playing. We are not going to jeopardise each other by making a problem or a situation out of it.

“We are going to do our best to help the other to play when we are not playing and put our personal feelings aside and do what’s best for the team. That‘s what it is going forward and we’ll continue to push ourselves.

“It was also great having Danny Vukovic in camp also. He’s been doing well for Sydney and he was my idol growing up as a kid.

“To be back in camp with him was nice and to be working with him and pushing each other he’s a keeper of great quality also."