Tomorrow, at a bleary eight in the morning, AEST, the American NWSL kicks off again for Sam Kerr. It’s the last game of the season, and on the surface, it’s a bit of a dead rubber.

Kerr’s club, Sky Blue FC are sixth. They’re out of the finals, and they’re up against a club that’s guaranteed finals football, no matter the result. But by the end of tomorrow morning, Sky Blue FC are looking to celebrate something their opponent’s can’t.

An individual achievement that no NWSL club has ever celebrated. Tomorrow, Sam Kerr can make history by becoming the first footballer to score 17 goals in a single 23 game season.

Considering the baffling nature of her exclusion from the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year finalists, there may be an extra incentive for Kerr tomorrow. It’s one last chance this season to offer a ‘please explain’ to those involved in the decision making process.

But putting awards to one side, it’s another huge step for Australian football. The NWSL is generally regarded as the best women’s league in the world. The fan support is unparalleled, as are the resources and professionalism it can boast.

To see an Aussie dominating the league to the extent Kerr has this season presents another reason why the Matildas are at the forefront of Australian sport. Matildas' fans will be waiting anxiously to see if she can pull it off.