In an interview with SporTV News, the prosecutor general of the Supreme Court of Sporting Justice (STJD) Paulo Schmidt said that Santana may be punished as Television footage showed him telling players to go and hurt Santos players on purpose.

According to Schmidt, the coach will have to attend to the STJD building accused of "publicly encouraging foul practice", as the Brazilian Code of Sporting Justice states in its 279th article.

"We'll ask for the TV images of the game in which Santana gives orders on violence to his players to build an official report for violating the 279th article next week," Schmidt said.

Santana, meanwhile, defended himself on the Redacao SporTV programme on Monday morning: "It was a badly placed word, just an expression," he said

"I didn't want my team to be violent. You can see no players were booked.

"They were words I shouldn't have used, but people who know football know it usually happens. It won't damage my career."