Financial trading firm Union Standard Group, based in Sydney, are sponsoring the shirt and sleeve of the Blades for the next three years in a deal believed to be worth millions.

Sheffield United are in the back in the Premier League for 2019/2020 for the first time in 12 years absence after finishing second in the Championship last season.

The South Yorkshire club have had links with Central Coast Mariners for more than a decade and Blades co-owner Kevin McCabe previously sat on the Mariners' board.

Last season Sheffield United players Sam Graham and Stephen Mallon spent five months on loan at the A-League side.

Now McCabe wants to strengthen his club's profile in China and Australia in particular.

He believes the lure of Premier League football can help put the Blades on the map globally and attract more Asian sponsors.

"How would you expect an Aussie headquartered company with the two principals being based in the Far East - what the hell has that got to do with Sheffield United? That’s the small world bit," McCabe said.

"It’s everything to do with Sheffield United for one key reason – Premier League football. Premier League football is watched throughout the Far East, certainly Down Under, and that’s why.

"So they can get the absolute maximum out of it in Australia, by having their club on TV all the time.

"If we get our brains together with them, which is why I’m sure there’s more to it, we’ll see what other merits can come from the United-Union link, and you can say the same for their Far East ventures.

"That’s where they’re based. Some of these companies are owned by people from the Far East, which has become China itself. Twenty years ago China to us Brits wasn’t really on the world map but it is now.

"The wealth of these people means that if someone in China sees the success of Union Standard Group and its profile and the arrangement with Sheffield United, who’s to say they won’t want to make contact to sponsor the stadium, the ladies' football, all these sort of things."