The new Memorandum of Understanding pact will seek to align technical education and professional development programs for coaches at all levels of the game throughout Australia.

It is also set to work towards the standardisation of coaching contracts at the professional level and the creation of an arbitration tribunal to hear disputes between coaches and professional clubs.

“Creating world-class environments for coach development is a high priority for FFA,” FFA CEO James Johnson said.

“Our focus on coach development to the long-term success of Australian football is highlighted by our XI Principles for Australian football which emphasises the importance of the role as a skilled position and a vital link in player development.

“Establishing a Memorandum of Understanding with FCA to build key partnerships to enhance coach development was one of a number of proposed measures which we advanced.

“The signing of this memorandum is an important step for FFA, and we are excited to already begin realising some of the work we anticipated within the XI Principles.

“This agreement will focus on the development and implementation of standard form contracts for coaches engaged by professional Australian football clubs, and the establishment of a national arbitration tribunal to hear employment disputes between coaches and professional Australian football clubs.”

Founded in 2017, FCA has previously signed an MoU with Professional Footballers Australia in May 2018 and was granted qualifying member status to the FFA congress that November.

Former Central Coast Mariners Head Coach Phil Moss is the organisation’s President, with Heather Garriock serving as Vice President.

“This is a crucial moment for our code,” Moss said today.

“The importance of having the governing body and an organisation that represents our professional and community coaches formally working together for the betterment of the game cannot be understated.

“FCA is about ensuring coaches are respected as skilled professionals working in an environment that has a framework and standards within which reflect the importance of the role we play.

“FCA and FFA are aligned with the goal to provide ‘Community, Connection and Camaraderie’ within the coaching network to enable our coaches to perform their role and best promote our great game.

“James, FFA Chair Chris Nikou and the FFA board along with Greg O’Rourke and the A-League have embraced this with a collaborative approach that deserves recognition.

"We look forward to working closely with FFA and all key stakeholders to ensure the game thrives into the future.”