Central Coast Mariners' winless streak continues, now one short of New Zealand Knights' overall record of eleven. But their 5-2 loss at Kogorah isn't for the lack of trying. Sydney FC, meanwhile, are top of the league (at least for now). 

The Mariners took an unlikely early lead through Connor Pain, the former Melbourne Victory man reborn at Gosford and on-fire at Kogorah. Kalifa Cisse then did his best to restore normality by getting two yellow cards within a few minutes, but the Mariners managed to hold on until halftime.

Whatever Mike Mulvey says pre-match he needs to save for half-time. Vice-versa for Steve Corica.

Sydney emerged dominant while the Mariners fell apart, Alex Brosque equalising within five minutes, Adam le Fondre giving the Sky Blues the lead from the penalty spot three minutes later. 

"Probably a sloppy goal for us to concede and the first 20 minutes weren't great but I think it was never going to go any other way then ours," Le Fondre said.

Brosque then added a third, then a fourth as the Mariners collapsed, before Aaron Calver rounded out the scoring with his first A-League goal.

Aiden O'Neill pegged one back from close range but 'When things aren't going your way' doesn't even begin to describe what's happening to Central Coast - it's sorrowful. 

"Nothing's changed," Simon said. "People are going to talk about how we started and the red card but it's not good enough, it's unacceptable.

"It's the gaffers job to say something to Cisse for the red card, we've got to keep our heads up high.

"I don't know what the club's situation is on bringing new players in, obviously something has to change sooner or later or things are going to keep going the same."

An angry-looking Mike Mulvey was far more certain.

"Yes (there will be signings), watch this space," he said.