FFA bosses said the A-League veteran had failed to live up to expected standards  – but said his recent statements had convinced them to go easy.

However they warned any further repeats would see a far heavier punishment meted out.

Simon will miss the the upcoming games again Wellington Phoenix and Newcastle Jets for the injury time outburst which saw Simon unload on the ref for giving him a second yellow which led to his dismissal.

Simon begged bosses for forgiveness in a submission to the FFA and went public with an admission of guilt and regret in an apology to the match referee.

FFA Head of Leagues Greg O’Rourke said that abuse of match officials is not acceptable and will now be subject to match sanctions, rather than fines, to deter players disrespecting match officials in the future.

“FFA acknowledges Matt Simon’s public statement of contrition and also his letter of apology to the referee,” said O’Rourke.

“We agree with Matt that this sort of behaviour falls below the standards he set for himself and that, as captain, he set for his team-mates."

Today the club thanks Professional Footballers Australia for their help in putting Simon's defence together but insisted their would not make any further comment.