Brisbane striker Scott McDonald is challenging the Roar's inexperienced recruits to lift their game to A-League standard.

Under head coach Warren Moon, Roar have made it a priority to use Queensland-based talent at the club.

With that in mind several new faces at the Roar have been recruited from the state's semi-professional National Premier Leagues competition.

Midfielder Danny Kim, defender Josh Brindell-Smith and former youth team captain Jesse Daley have all signed for the 2020/21 season, as experienced players such as Brad Inman, Scott Neville, Aiden O'Neill and Aaron Amadi-Holloway make their exits.

McDonald, the ex-Socceroos striker in his 23rd season as a professional footballer, says the key will be how quickly the recruits can adapt to the expectations of being a full-time player.

"You either sink or swim," the 37-year-old told AAP.

"Let's see if you can swim.

"I don't care what anyone says there's a massive difference between the two (A-League and NPL).

"People can keep going on about, there's plenty of players in the NPL, when you don't train and you're not structured in a professional environment, it takes you time to get up to speed.

"If you ask any of the boys when they've come here, it's a real shock to the system.

"There's certainly natural talents there, we've just got to get more out of them."

Lured to Brisbane in January by Liverpool great Robbie Fowler, McDonald said he was disappointed when the Roar and Fowler parted ways in June but he'd adjusted to the new regime under Moon.

"I was sad to see Robbie go ... we thought very much alike being of that British mentality," he said.

"You move on quickly in football and new people, new surroundings, new ideas - I enjoy that.

"Working with Warren now has been great and I love it how he fully respects me and wants me to have an influence and that's great for me, when I have that opportunity I think I'm a better player."