It may not have the history of the Tyne-Wear derby or rival the hatred between Ajax and PSV, but the Sydney derby is arguably the most atmospheric fixture in Australian sport and is set to take place twice this month alone.

Fresh off a victorious FFA Cup debut against Avondale, De Jong is eagerly anticipating upcoming clashes with his latest crosstown rival both in the FFA Cup and in the A-League.

"I’ve played in a few derbies in Europe, they’re nice games to play in and I’ve heard the Sydney Derby draws a good crowd," De Jong told FTBL.

"They’re special games for us players and even more important for the fans. We know how much the supporters appreciate it if you can win these games."

While the former Ajax captain admits he doesn’t know a great deal about the Wanderers, he does know a current Western Sydney midfielder from his playing days at Ajax.

"I don’t know the whole (Wanderers) team yet, but I do know Roly Bonevacia," he said. "We played together at Ajax and I’ve spoken to him a little bit about Sydney since I arrived here.

"Derbies are always great games to play in and I’m looking forward to them. Hopefully we can win them for the fans and for Sydney."

One Dutchman who influenced De Jong’s decision to move down under is former Sydney FC centre-back and fan favourite Jordy Buijs.

Buijs and De Jong lined up against each other at a young age and have crossed paths outside of football on a few occasions.

"I know Jordy pretty well," De Jong revealed. "A good friend of mine is a really good friend of his so naturally I called to ask him how it was here.

"He said Sydney’s a beautiful city, and that Sydney FC is a great environment to play in with nice people working here.

"He told me the one big difference here is that unlike in Europe, football is not the biggest sport in Australia - so that’ll be a big change.