With only a few weeks until Australia's pivotal first group-stage game against France, the Socceroos coaching set up is working against the clock to ensure their players hit peak fitness.

Australia's sport scientists are regarded as some of the best in the world, so it's little surprise that Socceroos' Head of Sports Science Dr Craig Duncan is using world-first technology to overcome the challenges of amalgamating a squad based around the world.  

“Over the previous three months we have worked on a strategy focused on making sure players come into camp in a physiological condition [that will] meet the requirements of the training schedule,” Duncan told socceroos.com.au.

“Our experience with managing travel is extensive and most players have been based in Europe so flight times and time zone changes are not disruptive to the wellbeing of the player.

“For those travelling from Australia and Asia we prepare and implement a travel strategy to ensure they are ready to train when required.

“We also use technology that monitors the players physiological status on a minute-by-minute basis."

The Turkish-base in Antalya, in addition to providing a picturesque surrounding for the Australians, is well positioned for the Socceroos squad.

Although players flying from Australia faced a long journey, due to its position between Europe and Asia and close distance to Russia, the majority of the squad will suffer minimal travel fatigue.

If they do, that's where Duncan's tech comes into its own.

“This technology...we are the first to use internationally and gives us data that enhances our ability to predict a player’s readiness to train," Duncan added.