“Today, Australia is shamed. Their World Cup bid was, so they claim, scrutinised by a slew of public figures and agencies and pronounced clean. Not true: fans had to wait for investigators half a world away to reveal what should have been revealed by FFA officials. If Blazer and Warner had not been caught, would Aussie fans have ever been told how that money disappeared?

“The money came out of football. $460,200 would have reduced fees paid by kids to play, provided facilities, made the game better.

“An independent inquiry is needed to look at the lax way the money was handed over and then the conspiracy of silence, only ruptured when overtaken by the news wires. “The Fools show no willingness to investigate themselves or claw back the money. With an election on the horizon the main political parties won’t be about to upset generous donor Frank Lowy or his friend Peter Hargitay.

“A crime has been committed against Australia. Will somebody call the Federal Police?”

This is an extract from the latest blogpost by British investigative journalist Andrew Jennings. It describes in detail how FFA officials blithely handed over almost half a million dollars to a corrupt football official in Jamaica, the disgraceful Jack Warner. And how it went straight into his personal bank account.

If you care about sport, and justice, read it.

We’ll get out of Andrew’s way . . .