The support includes the current Victorian Labor Party's Martin Foley and former Federal Government Sport's Minister, Andrew Thomson.

South believes these additions will boost their chances of an October announcement, with the club currently battling for the hearts and minds of Victorians alongside other notable bids in Dandenong, Geelong and West Melbourne. 

“Attracting the best talent, who can make the best decisions for the game and for the club reflects the maturity and strength of SMFC," Bid Chairman, Bill Papastergiadis said.

"SMFC has a strong brand and almost 60 years of history.  It has a strong reputation both on and off the field.   

“Martin has worked closely with the club for over 8 years.  He was instrumental in SMFC achieving its 40 year lease deal. 

"He regularly attends games. He is at many of our events. His presence on the bid team reflects his deep connection to the club. This appointment is not symbolic as he has been deeply involved in the club for many years."

Foley - who will soon be announced as the club's number one ticket holder - was keen to pump up the relative worth of South's bid.

"I’m proud to be part of the bid board, this club does not just have a proud history but has more than a fantastic coming together of boys, girls, men’s and women’s clubs today, it’s got a fantastic future and that future is in the A League," Foley said.

"There is no greater honour as the State Member for Albert Park than to be the number one ticket holder of the South Melbourne Football Club."