In a provisional agreement with international technology company Solos Integrity, Southern Expansion have aimed to give their bid an unusual advantage, by focusing on digital fan engagement.

The club would represent Southern NSW, including the St.George and Illawarra regions. The expansion bid has so far been notable due to it's public backing from former Socceoo Craig Foster, and the late commentator, Les Murray, in addition to former NSW Premier, Morris Iemma. 

The partnership would result in 'Smart Wearable Merchandise' and 'Smart Gate Technology', the latter of which would allow A-League fans entering a yet-unnamed Southern Expansion stadium to enter "straight through fast-track smart gates". 

The club say these gates will recognise embedded NFC (Near Field Technology, the same tech used in pay-pass credit cards) chips in club merchandise, containing the fan's ticket details. This technology will supposedly hasten entry to the stadium, allowing shorter wait-times for A-League fans.

This technology is also aimed at expediting the process of ordering club merchandise, while personalising the fan experience and allowing authenticity checks. Solos CEO, George Monemvasitis, said the technology would lead to "customer empowerment".

"We have identified that Southern Expansion should be able to provide a truly 21st century experience to their fans, not only at the time of purchasing a product, but well into the future," he said.

"When a Southern Expansion fan buys a genuine team jersey with an integrated “Solos Smart Label”, they should have more than the knowledge of authenticity.

“With our technology integrated into a team’s merchandise, an individual will be able to walk straight through fast track smart gates that identify their ticket saved on the label on approach.

"When they arrive at concession stands for food and drinks, their profile will be readily available, with the ability to repeat saved orders and automatically pay through linked details provided by the customer on their smartphone.

"No more waiting in lines for fans with genuine merchandise, only improved access and more time spent enjoying the game."