Batchelor is in takeover talks with the Coca-Cola League Two outfit but part of his proposal is to rename them - a club that has been in existence for 111 years - Harchester United after a fictional club in the popular television series 'Dream Team'.

Batchelor believes the change of name would make Mansfield, who are second bottom of the Football League, "more promotable".

The businessman changed York City's name to York City Soccer Club when he was in charge of the Yorkshire club in a bid to attract American investment.

Egginton, who is also the mayor of Mansfield, told Sky Sports News: "I think the takeover is quite possible and feasible but to think about changing the name of the club is absolutely bizarre to say the least and I think it is a PR stunt for Mr Batchelor.

"I don't think it could happen, I think Football League rules prevent it from happening. I am not versed well enough in league rules but I don't think the Football League would allow a change of name just like that.

"I know he previously did it at York City but we will have to see.

"The people of the town would be devastated. It has been a football club for many, many years now and it is just absolutely ridiculous to think about changing the name as it distances the club from the fans, who aren't at all interested in changing the club's name."