Or maybe it's just the Central Coast Mariners...

Regardless of how everyone came to be in the Hunter on a rainy Saturday afternoon - Stajcic admitting both he and his side are starting from the bottom - the Mariners are off to a winning start under the ex-Matildas boss, in an F3 Derby no less.

"It was heart attack material that's for sure, if you wrote a movie script it would probably turn out something like that," Stajcic said.

"I've been here for five minutes so it's a fantastic win for the group, we always knew we were starting from the bottom and that we'd have to grind it out at times.

"Hopefully this is just the starting point of being able to attack the remaining games with vigour."

After a tense opening first half in which the Mariners failed to register a shot, the floodgates opened first through Jordan Murray, then Jem Karacan and finally, what turned out to be the winner, through Connor Pain.

Newcastle struck back twice as the Mariners attempted to shoot themselves in the foot again, but two Ben Kennedy penalty saves (after the first had to be retaken) managed to secure all three points for Stajcic's side.

"They've lost a lot of moments in matches, we still didn't put 90 minutes together today and that's something we have to address moving forward," the new gaffer continued.

"We've all started from a dark place and when you're at the bottom you can either lay down and die or stand up and fight.

"They've got the capacity, hopefully they can improve on everything."