Filan spent 14 years playing in the UK, for the likes of Wigan Athletic and Blackburn Rovers, and earned two caps for the Socceroos in the 1990s.

Last month he was appointed as assistant manager at Shrewsbury.

Previously the 48-year-old from Sydney had worked with Askey at Macclesfield Town and with Blackburn's Under-23s.

Askey believes Filan's strong character will help him at the Shrews.

"John’s got vast experience playing at the highest level, he’s got all his coaching badges, and he was a big help to me when I was at Macclesfield," Askey told the club website.

"I wanted someone that’s strong, who backs me and who I get on with.  I’m sure he will get on well with the players and create a good atmosphere around the place.

"He’s a typical Aussie really – straightforward, straight to the point and tells you how it is - and sometimes that’s what you need."

Filan will be working with Shrewsbury as an outfield assistant, not as a goalkeeping coach.

"Danny’s (Coyne) still the goalkeeping coach and John’s more on the outfield playing side of it," Askey said.

"He’s another person that has good experience at a higher level. He had a good career, a long career and he can only give good advice to the younger players, and I think it’s good for Shrewsbury Town."