Andrew Redmayne - 7

Solid first half with little action to contend with, generally decided to play short. Strong from corners throughout.

Rhyan Grant - 8

Very impressive performance, offering key interceptions, excellent crosses and some fantastic cut-backs.

Michael Zullo - 7

While he didn’t quite hit the heights of his fullback counterpart, a few wild shots separating the two, Zullo did offer well-timed bursts and an equally effective attacking contribution.

Alex Wilkinson - 9

Solid as ever, particularly in providing a consistent outlet from the back. Both Sydney centrebacks had outstanding opening 45 minutes.

Aaron Calver - 9

Very physical, getting under Ola Toivonen’s skin from the get-go. Ultimately had a dominant first half performance, in which his ability to showcase his strength overcame any other weaknesses and his goal was well deserved.

Western United look to have secured a coup with his services, especially in light of Calver’s growing presence within the Sky Blues line up. Wonder if he regrets the move already…

Joshua Brillante - 8

Quiet achiever, shutting down Melbourne’s midfielders adequately although for large periods Keisuke Honda was allowed a lot of space out wide.

Siem de Jong - 7

Influential first half without quite hitting his stride, kept relatively quiet by Victory’s possession. When he gained the ball in forward positions, his distribution was calm and practiced.

Brandon O'Neill - 8

A little more overt in his presence than Brillante, but suffered from some loose passes at times in the first half. A defensive rock in the second, scrapping and blocking everything.

Milos Ninkovic - 8

Very strong display, able to cut quickly between markers and win space for his team consistently. The end product wasn’t always there – a few passes were a tad short or off their mark – however he was the key playmaker in the first half.

Adam Le Fondre - 8

Crafty to win the penalty, comfortable in taking it. The goal sprung the Englishman to life and he was instrumental from there on.

Alex Brosque - 8

Ending his career on his terms, it’s obvious why Corica chose his Big Blue experience and passion over the likes of Reza Ghoochannedjad and perplexing why he’s retiring given the influence he could continue to have on the game, especially at a smaller club.


Anthony Caceres - 6

Few sloppy passes in his short spell on the pitch, pity because he’s been in stellar form.

Danny De Silva - 6

Quickly into the action but doesn’t seem as experienced as he should be. Price of making it too early it seems, he might see his role a little easier than it actually is.

Paulo Retre - 6

Actually fairly good display, possible selection for next week if Perth want a little more pace.


Lawrence Thomas - 4

Thomas’ obvious lack of comfort in conceding the opener is a black mark on Kevin Muscat’s decision to rotate his goalkeepers in the lead up to this match.

It’s understandable why Thomas was chosen – he has a fantastic record and has done little wrong between the sticks – but Acton played all the football leading into this match and Thomas’ confidence looked shot, just as his team’s did after conceding so early, so easily.

Thomas Deng - 7

Brilliant first half display, even if Victory conceded thrice. He was comfortable in wide positions and dealt with the ball excellently whenever he was pressed or forced into quick passes.

Leigh Broxham - 5

The own goal was the only moment in the first half where Broxham truly stood out one way or another, but the fact remains that he’s not entirely comfortable playing in the fullback role against quality attacking opposition.

James Donachie - 5

Slightly shaky opening half in which he was unable to truly handle his Sydney attacking opposition.

Georg Niedermeier - 7

The penalty was amateurish but it can’t completely take away from what was, until that point, a fantastic performance. He looked alert and his reactions were second to none and he offered a calm yet physical presence, as he has the vast majority of times he’s been fit this season.

Raúl Baena - 5

Swift pressing and distribution but generally ineffective, especially in his ability to retain the ball and move or even just tackle.

Keisuke Honda - 7

Some fantastic lofted balls but out of his element pressed against the flanks.

Terry Antonis - 6

Fairly uninvolved, given very little time in that packed midfield. He would have had to have been Diego Castro to create space in the centre of that park and while he certainly has excellent close control…he wasn’t.

Ola Toivonen - 6

Compulsory +1 for the goal aside, very quiet, almost looked off-put by Calver’s close attention and then, arguably, one of the finest centrebacks in A-league history (Alex Wilkinson) got the better of him in the second.

Kosta Barbarouses - 6

He pressed and worked diligently, saving as many Sydney clearances as he did create chances. But it wasn’t enough – Sydney were able to shut him out of the game.

Elvis Kamsoba - 6

He was given so much responsibility, often appearing Victory’s only attacking outlet. Obviously James Troisi’s injury hit Melbourne’s depth considerably, but even then it was a little ridiculous how much Victory seemed to rely on him. Crossing was good, not great.


Kenny Athiu - 6

One strong header but very little ability to influence proceedings, seemed a cut below his opposing defenders.

Storm Roux - 6

Proved almost instantly why Muscat got his tactics wrong – no pace in the fullback positions created a total lack of ability to attack cohesively.

Carl Valeri - 5

Very sad end to a legend's career. He looked past it to be awfully frank.