Syrian fans have bombarded the FIFA World Cup facebook page demanding investigation through the use of a copied statement posted by each of the users.

Uzbek referee Ravshan Irmatov was substituted off after 90 minutes and the away support believe this was a crucial and 'arbitrated' event that turned the tide of the game with both sides level.

"We object to arbitration in the match between Syria and Australia, and refereeing errors and a change of referee and pitch changed the outcome of the match for Australia," they said.

"We demand an investigation into the replacement of referee Rafshan Irmatov and his departure at a difficult time in such an important match."

Perhaps in a more bizarre accusation, Syrian fans also accused the home nation of overgrowing the grass and using suitable footwear to keep their footing during the match. 

"We ask for an examination of the grassland that was not suitable for the Syrian team, while Australian players seem to be wearing shoes that cling to the long grass, so we saw Syrian players fall during the game, while Australia's players are steady."

The comments have also spilled onto other posts by the page relating to the results of the European qualifiers among others.

The 2-1 result sees the Socceroos through to familiar territory, a do-or-die inter-continental playoff against Honduras in early November.