Mr Wilkie says he personally met with FFA as recently as two months ago.

The venture is backed by Melbourne property mogul Harry Stamoulis.

"I've stayed in touch with the proponents, and I've also met on a couple of occasions now with Football Federation Australia," Wilkie told the ABC.

"It's clear it's still a very live possibility."

Wilkie addressed Federal Parliament last year outlining the benefits of brining an A-League club to Tasmania.

He says the government will assist in funding the bid.

"Until there's a firm proposal, we can't go hunting for money, but there is money," he said.

"We do know for sure that the State Government is committed to supporting an A-League bid, the Hobart City Council is committed to supporting an A-League bid, so between the three levels of government, we should be able to come up with some public funding support."

Wilkie said bid plans have been shelved due to current FFA tensions that could see FIFA put together its own board to oversee the game in Australia.

"There's been no reduction in the enthusiasm from the proponents," he said.

"The only delay is because of what's been happening with football nationally.

"My understanding is a lot of that should be behind us by the end of this year, or by early next year at the latest."