The Tasmanian bid - South Hobart FC - is backed by two former Melbourne Victory board members, Robert Belteky and Harry Stamoulis.

Bid spokesperson, Victoria Morton, believes this gives their expression of interest extra-weight heading into the October deadline.

“They both already know exactly what it takes to own and run a successful A-League club," she told The World Game.

“We have political support across the board from local, state and federal governments and that’s across all parties.

“We’ll be well prepared and on the criteria presented I see nothing which would exclude us. Quite the contrary.

“I note though that the criteria states that FFA is calling for new clubs, which you’d think would exclude Brisbane Strikers and South Melbourne (former NSL).

“We’re ready now ... we also have Football Federation Tasmania squarely behind us.”

Tassie has no A-League, AFL, W-League, NRL, NBL, WNBL, NRL or Super League clubs to support, however a lack of rectangular stadiums may hold them back. There are, however, tentative plans for a rectangular stadium in Hobart.

While it certainly didn’t happen by 2012 as they were hoping, the island-state has a huge, unsated appetite for sport. 

While the original ‘Tasmania United’ bid has been in the pipeline since 2005 with little success, Local M.P Andrew Wilkie remains a vocal proponent.

“I will continue to look for every opportunity in the Parliament to advocate for the establishment of a Tassie A-League team,” Wilkie has previously said.

“Because, as I said in my question to the PM, it would be a wonderful rallying point for the community, inject millions of dollars into the economy, establish soccer as the only true national football code and boost TV audiences.”