It's telling that we're all still talking about Dukes so long after he vanished from the world of football.

Now there's a pause in the global football news-cycle, we were indulging ourselves in a bit of nostalgia and, undoubtedly, Viduka is the first who comes to mind.

We remember the former Socceroos captain mainly for the way he struck the ball - there was nothing debatable about just how deadly he was from virtually any angle.

Just to give you a taste...

However, Viduka also captured a special place in history among the world's most enigmatic sporting personalities. Certainly Australia's.

His archetypal laid-back Aussie persona - often perceived as uncaring - sprung forth a plethora of quotes that have been firmly etched into global football folklore.

It's now a whopping 20 years since Viduka first joined Leeds United and exploded onto the world stage to become one of the EPL's most fearsome strikers. So we thought we'd take a slightly unusual - yet tremendously apt - form of celebration, and trawl back through the archives to uncover 10 absolute quotation belters from Big Dukes.