The 2020/2021 A-League campaign will kick off on December 27 with six clubs changing head coaches, including Glory, and plenty of player movement.

The new season will also see the entry of Macarthur FC.

Sydney FC, who have won the past two grand finals in a row, are arguably the most settled side.

Garcia, who has replaced Tony Popovic at Perth, believes the amount of change means the competition should be quite open.

"I definitely think the A-League is open," he told FTBL.

"The most settled squad is Sydney and they’ve managed to retain the majority of their squad. So the rest are sort of rebuilding, or maybe not completely rebuilding but tinkering with what they had in previous years.

"A lot of players have left and there’s been a lot of movement throughout clubs. Look, it’s going to be an interesting one. We have to focus on us, how we progress and what we do.

"We have to really focus on the changes that we want to make, how that fits in with the players and the system we want to play."

Glory finished sixth on the table last season and Garcia wants his team to be contenders.

"I don’t think anyone shoots for mediocrity – everyone’s shooting for success," he said.

"For us it’s about continuing to evolve and continuing to get better. That’s part of it, we want to win games. If anyone is coming out not to win then they shouldn’t be in football. Of course, we’re out to win as many games as possible."

Most A-League clubs have been looking to their youth teams and NPL clubs to beef up their rosters.

More opportunities are expected to be given to youngsters this season. Perth have added several young players to their squad, including Bryce Bafford, Joshua Rawlins and Giordano Colli.

"It’s something we’re going to see in the A-League with everything that has gone on with Covid and salary cap," the former Socceroo said.

"There are opportunities for younger players. It’s important that you have the right balance of good older professionals to be able to guide those guys and help them develop."