Given the huge interest and relative excitement caused by the announcement of 15 formal Expressions of Interest for two new A-League clubs, FFA has witnessed a growing push for the further expansion of the competition.

However given the patchy record of previous expansion franchises, FFA are looking to avoid another North Queensland Fury or Gold Coast United and take this process two steps at a time.

“We won’t be looking beyond two teams at this point because we need to make sure this is structured properly from a player depth point of view and also a financial point of view,” O'Rourke told The World Game.

“The league needs to stay financially sound in respect to its current TV deal and the income available to it. So, the answer is no. We are only looking to add two teams and move to a 12-team competition in this round.

“There could very well be another round two seasons down the track … I personally see 16 teams as the limit. How quickly we get there I am not sure."

The current layout of the competition includes four NSW clubs but only one representing  4.5 million people in Queensland, and none in Tasmania, ACT or Northern Territory.

“I feel that number is the right geographical split and also for the number of home and away rounds, which is important in respect of the scheduling," O'Rourke continued.

“From a player depth standpoint, six additional teams would effectively mean 120 domestic players that are currently not in the league and that would need to be built over time."