Only in an F3 Derby, only with the Central Coast Mariners. If Alen Stajcic thought coaching one of the best women's football teams in the world was action-packed, he's clearly never sat through a rain-soaked Derby in the Hunter...

In a stuttering first half Newcastle were too strong for the Mariners but failed to capitalise on the scoresheet, Dimitri Petratos and Jair particularly misfiring offenders.

"We were attacking their defensive third regularly but were a bit unlucky," Ernie Merrick said at half-time. "We've got to be ruthless in this game, if we take a backwards step, they're going to hurt us."

Ernie wanted reckless but all hell broke loose. Jordan Murray struck first to send the previously dominant Jets into a tailspin then Jem Karacan and Connor Pain sealed the deal, but not before two identical penalties (and two identical penalty saves), brawls, VAR backfires...or, in other words just another F3 Derby, took place.


VAR! What is it good for? (Absolutely nothing!)

If you've ever heard Simon Hill speak, you probably already know the problem with VAR. It's not that the technology is wrong per se, in fact, used in the right way it could be a brilliant addition to the game.

But rulings are subjective and the referee's reputation is inevitably at stake. So if the VAR is either unable, too subjective or merely too scared to overrule a refereeing decision, all it does is slow the match down. 

Whether or not the challenge on Roy O'Donovan should have been a penalty (it looked soft and started outside the box) the resulting debacle from the two resulting penalties is yet another smack on the nose for an already dogged addition to the league. 

If you're a rusted-on VAR convert though, good news. The final frontiers - the Women's World Cup and English Premier League - are set to adopt the technology this year, so there'll be no escaping it soon enough.

Live streaming NPL, anyone?