Bridesmaids no longer!

While many will claim that Perth were one of the lucky ones, an NSL club that was given an A-League licence and allowed to continue their proud history across a new generation of Australian football, it can't have been easy for the Glory faithful.

From perennial NSL challengers and a club that had finished in the top three for the previous six years (winning three NSL titles between 1999 and 2004) to seeming perennial strugglers, at times, the sleeping giant looked like it was in a bit more of a coma.

Enter, Tony Popovic.

The squad that Popa has been able to accumulate (thanks to Tony Sage) this season is one of the finest in A-League history.

It showcases the very best in marquee acquisitions (Diego Castro is simply beautiful to watch), the bees knees of former Socceroos (case in point below) and a few of the league's finest up-and-comers (Chris Ikonomidis, anyone?).

It's a squad that clearly deserve the A-League Premiership. But deserve though they might, they still can't hold a candle to the patient Perth fans.