Glory owner Tony Sage has insisted he will put the welfare of his team first, before committing to playing scheduled games. 

“Contrary to comments made in the media by A-League officials today, I have refused to allow the team to fly east after the game against Adelaide," he said today.

”The players have done enough over the last few months and deserve a break and to be home with their families. No other team has had to play five games in 21 days.

“It has taken a toll on everyone involved. We will be happy to again play a maximum of three games in NSW but after a well deserved break.”
Sage said he would put the players ahead of a possible forfeit if the club refuses to travel.
We hope not but player welfare is my paramount concern,” he added.

Glory have had a challenging fixture list to deal with after a delayed start because of the strict border rules the WA government have enforced during the COVID19 pandemic. 

They played their first game a full month after the A-League season commenced.

They also had to play five games in 16 days in the Asian Champions League in Qatar in November/December, before coming home to a strict quarantine in Perth. 

Football Australia and the APL have been contacted for comment.