Backroom coaches tend to be fiercely loyal to their head coaches, attaching like those birds that eat fleas off elephants and strapping themselves in for the subsequent bumpy ride.

This means occasionally they board a sinking ship and, unheralded, they go down along with their captain.

But sometimes, as is the case with Tony Popovic's long-time assistant Hayden Foxe, they latch themselves onto a serial winner and this loyalty turns into a wealth of glory and opportunities.

Even more rarely, a backroom coach will prove so valuable, that they eclipse the position entirely.

Case in point: new Socceroos goalkeeper coach John Crawley and his disciple Matt Nash.

Crawley, after making his name at the Central Coast Mariners followed Graham Arnold to Sydney FC and now to the top goalie coaching gig in Australia.

Crawley has been so successful, he's formed a reputation all of his own in the wider football public, and he's actually managed to attain a follower (of sorts) of his own.

Former A-League shot-stopper Matt Nash was brought up under the tutelage of Crawley, took over the Central Coast Mariners goalkeeping coach after Crawley's departure and now, after Crawley left Sydney FC, has taken over his position at Sydney FC as well.

Presumably - if the A-League's systemic appointment system is to be believed - he's now on the road to a Socceroos position at some stage, so it's worth keeping an eye on him.

“It’s a huge honour for me to be returning to Sydney FC at a time when they are looking to defend their Hyundai A-League Championship, and also to be replacing John who has been a mentor of mine for many years," Nash said.

“He’s a man I respect as a person and for what he has done for goalkeeping in this country.

“He has taught me much of what I know and I am looking forward to continuing that work with the coaching staff here as well as Andrew [Redmayne] and Tommy [Heward-Belle].”

While Australian football continues to be bitten by the Crawley bug, perhaps Nash will even develop a pedigreed line of talent of his own.

He already has Paul Izzo among his former pupils.