Mirjana Muratovic opened the scoring in the 9th minute for the Nix, Kwame Yeboah equalised in the 70th minute for the Wanderers before Bruce Kamau put them in front six minutes later. However, Louis Fenton then equalised 11 minutes from time as both teams got a deserved point. 

1. The MexiKiwis were fantastic 

It is not often the RBB are out performed, but last night the MexiKiwi fans were amazing. Who are the MexiKiwis? They are a group of Mexican football fans who have embraced Wellington Phoenix because of their fellow countryman midfielder and skipper Ulises Davila.

The classy Dávila has become a bit of a cult hero, and Phoenix bussed in 100 of these fans from Sydney to Wollongong. They spent the day having a BBQ at the beach then went to WIN Stadium, and had a blast.

The electricity they generated was exceptional. Plenty of dancing, singing, musical instruments and flag waving.

The RBB did their thing, with plenty of Wanderers fans making the trip down. It led to one of the best atmospheres at an A-League game in quite a while, especially considering the covid restrictions in place.

Wellington Phoenix should be applauded for a brilliant marketing move.

2. Wollongong needs an A-League team

Away days down the South Coast need to be part of every A-League fan’s bucket list. A beautiful sunny day spent down at the beach, downing a few cold drinks, smashing some fish and chips, is the perfect way to prepare for an A-League game.

WIN Stadium is magnificent. The fans are close to the action. The spectacular Pacific Ocean is behind the hill. The restaurants and cafes around the ground are fantastic.

The Wolves have a great history in Australian football. The talent coming from the region in both men’s and women’s football is exceptional.

It has the recipe to be a tremendous success.

3. Set piece football is breathtaking.

The Wanderers and Wellington both scored goals from beautifully worked moves from freekicks.

Firstly Jordan O’Doherty floated in a beautiful ball to Keanu Baccus who twisted his body and neatly lashed a beautiful volley across goal, where Kwame Yeboah headed in from close range. 

Phoenix got their own back when Louis Fenton scored. Clayton Lewis floated a ball from the centre where Alex Rufer headed across goal for Fenton who neatly steered the ball into the top left hand corner with his head. 

They were both rehearsed moves and they paid off. It gives food for thought, should teams try this more often rather than go straight for goal? 

Both goals underlined what was an entertaining contest. Phoenix counter attacking well, while the Wanderers used the flanks to drive their attack.