Here are three thoughts from Sydney’s victory against Brisbane Roar…

Sydney midfielders take control

Although Kosta Barbarouses notched up three assists, it was the pass that allowed the forward to set his teammates up that was truly Brisbane’s undoing.

The New Zealander was enjoying running onto the constant through balls from his midfielders, especially from the two number 10s, Alexander Baumjohann and Milos Ninkovic.

The two playmakers were given plenty of time and space to measure their pass to the millimetre and the runs of Barbarouses and Le Fondre gave them plenty of speed to work with.

Previously, Baumjohann has talked about how he’s had to adjust to playing in tandem with Ninkovic as the first time the German has had a creative outlet other than himself.

Judging by his past couple of performances, it’s safe to say they have finally reached a strong level of understanding.

Even beyond the the two foreign playmakers, there is plenty of depth and creativity to make last season’s champions a multi-pronged threat offensively.

Paulo Retre came into the starting XI in place of Brandon O’Neill who faced a late injury. Still, the Sydney system continued as if nothing had changed and they raced to a three goal lead in the first half.

It’s hard to think of a midfield that is currently stronger than theirs, and it could be the biggest difference when it comes to crunch time later on in the season.