The VAR has divided opinions from people in Australian football with some feeling it is efficient, but others complaining about lengthy stoppages.

Wanderers have been involved in two penalty VAR reviews in the last fortnight against both Melbourne teams.

Melbourne City and Wanderers shared the points in their 1-1 draw as the home side’s goal came from a spot kick which was originally waved away by the referee. The VAR then adjudged Raul Llorente had fouled Osama Malik in the box.

Thwaite agreed it was a penalty, however was still sceptical about the VAR.

“I’m not a fan of it, I think it’s probably good to have human error, but I guess that’s what they’re trying to clean up,” Thwaite said.

“We make mistakes as players and referees make them too, but it’s taking too long.

“I’ve been watching a few games with my old team Perth Glory and it seems to be happening regularly.

“I think the refs have made an effort to speed up the game, but now this slows down the game. We’re talking three to five minutes, which will be put into added time, but it stops that momentum from the game.”

Thwaite also believes the VAR takes the emotion out of football.

“That’s the way technology is going, I think football is a heritage sport,” he said.

“In my view I think we could have the goal-line referees which can make calls and you still have that human aspect.

“Maybe the VAR can only be used for the goal-line technology, I think it started off being like that, but it’s just my opinion and it’s here so we have to deal with it.”