Holloway has added 10 players to his squad since Palace's promotion to the Premier League, but their opening two games back in the top flight have yielded zero points.

And after seeing his side narrowly beaten at home to Tottenham and away at Stoke, the former Blackpool boss knows he needs quality reinforcements before the window shuts on September 2.

However, Holloway believes the transfer process has become a "joke", adding that clubs should be able to bring in players throughout the whole season. 

"I am stressed to hell - not when I watch my team, not when I'm out on the grass coaching but just trying to say 'Who's this? Where has he come from? What's his name? How do you spell it?" Holloway said.

"I almost went to France on Friday night to watch a player, but I told my chairman I couldn't possibly do that because it would have disrupted my lads before we played at Stoke.

"In the end I didn't do it, but now we're not going to buy that player.

"The answer is to scrap the window - it's an absolute joke. Do it how we used to do it. Then us people who've just come up might just have a chance of catching some of these big people."