Pozzo said he has full confidence in his coaching staff's ability and attributes the club's poor form to injuries and a difficult fixture.

The Italian businessman said his team - led by head coach Francesco Guidolin - are working hard and predicted his team will start improving in the near future.

"First of all I know Guidolin and his staff are first-level staff - theyhave been working very well and they should not be criticised," Pozzo told Udinese Channel.

"We don't have a good position in the ranking, but we have to take in consideration our fixtures and the injuries. I think we'll recover soon because the team works hard and is deeply motivated.

"The coach and his collaborators are working hard, they have our trust not because they are nice people, but because they are skilled. I think our results will prove us right eventually."

Udinese currently sit 12th in the standings and will play fifth-placed Fiorentina in their next league outing on November 25.