The Reds landed Danish left-sided winger Johan Absalonsen and Turkish defender Ersan Gulum this week.

United have lost a long list of players this off-season, including first teamers Eugene Galekovic, Marcelo Carrusca, Riley McGree, Dylan McGowan, Sergio Cirio, Iacopo La Rocca and Kim Jae-Sung.

Along with Absalonsen and Gulum, the Reds have added goalkeeper Paul Izzo and young striker George Blackwood.

United general manager of football operations Ante Kovacevic said, in light of the loss of Carrusca, McGree, Cirio and Kim in midfield, they had a clear idea on where they wanted to bolster their squad, with two visa spots available to use.

“There’s probably two attacking midfield spots there,” Kovacevic said.

“We’re looking at someone who is a bit more flexible and someone who is more out-and-out attacking to cover those spots.

Marcelo Carrusca leaves a hole in midfield

“(Adelaide coach) Marco (Kurz) likes adaptability and flexibility in his team. We’re not homing in or focusing in on a very specific player. It’s going to be someone who is adaptable.

“We’ve probably still got one more defender to sign, which the coach will take his time on and assess the players available.”

Kovacevic said ideally United would sign a winger and a number 10 but said it was about getting the right fit.

“It’s the right player that’s available,” he said.

“You can get a good number 10 who may not be able to work or you can get a worker who may not be the traditional creative number 10.

“A balance of two is always good but they’re difficult to find.

“We’re assessing everything that comes in and just trying to find someone we think is suitable.”

He also revealed United would likely make a decision on their new skipper later in pre-season, with Kurz only recently joining the club.

Experienced defenders Taylor Regan and Gulum are two likely options for the captaincy.