“AAFC has fought for the introduction of a true NSD, to be drawn primarily from our member clubs. In achieving this, the rest of our member clubs will be simultaneously freed from carrying burdens they should not.

“It will also ensure the reduction in the cost of participation for our young players and lay the foundation for the long-awaited and necessary linking of our game, from top to bottom.

“This is the best way to create the competitive tension referred to in the XI Principles.

“The suspended national NPL review must be reconvened as soon as possible. Clubs should not be branded NPL clubs or at all. Clubs should be allowed to be the most and best they can be.

“It is not the sole function of clubs below the A-League to produce players. That is one of the consequences of what they do. Their primary purpose should revert to serving the aspirations of their members and community.

“In that way, they reflect what football people want and promote democratic outcomes. That is a worthy component of our identity, we say.”

The FFA has emphasised in its communication surrounding the release that the XI principles that it was a discussion paper, one that would serve as a “basis for engagement and consultation with the Australian football community”.

A series of online surveys are set to commence on Monday, July 6 to gather community feedback.   

“We look forward to working with the Board, James and his team in playing our part in the development of the ‘living’ document into what will become the blueprint for lasting and successful change,” Galatas said.

“After all, the biggest and most welcome difference between this proposed collaborative change and the changes imposed upon us in the past, is that now we are being asked to contribute. Inclusivity in action.

“Let’s extend this inclusivity in pursuing the strengthening of our nation’s clubs through the introduction of the National Second Division, the national review of the NPL and the direct and democratic representation of clubs within their federations.”