Forward Madison FC unveiled their uber-attractive club crest, as the first professional football team of US city Madison prepare to compete in the first season of USL League One in 2019.

This recently established franchise for the capital city of the state of Wisconsin will be one to watch in the inaugural USL League One, part of the third tier of the North American football pyramid.

If you’re one to be swayed by visual aesthetics of club crests when finding a team to follow in some of the world’s obscure or lower-tier leagues, Forward Madison FC are a perfect fit.

Straying away from a traditional shield or circle, the shape of Madison’s crest is a ‘container to keep all the goodies in’, as hilariously described by the club’s Twitter account.

Beyond that, the colour scheme is a treat, with baby pink and blue paired with navy and white which serve as the outlines and text colours.

The blue supposedly represents the lakes of Madison (seems a pretty generic explanation to me), whilst the pink is used for the most prominent visual feature of the crest – the city’s official bird, the Pink Plastic Flamingo.

Even the city’s isthmus (Don’t bother Googling; it’s a narrow strip of land connecting two larger landmasses and separating two bodies of water e.g. Palm Beach in NSW) gets a subtle feature, represented by the white-outline sash across the logo’s centre.

Madison’s 608 area code is represented by Roman numerals at the bottom, putting the finishing touches on one of the more unique football crests.

The inaugural season of the USL League One will kick off on the 29th of March in 2019 with ten founding teams.