Changes to the VAR system were outlined in a letter sent to A-League clubs on Wednesday.

New guidelines instruct not to review an incident “unless absolutely necessary” adding the pitch monitor should only be used to rectify an absolutely clear error.

The rules surrounding the global experiment will be changed after a wave of negative feedback in a bid to stop the game being re-refereed with only game-changing incidents to be referred.

“In simple terms don’t go looking for infringements that are by definition not match changing,” the memo says.

“VAR’s are asked to be aware of game empathy. If the incident has not been noticed or affected the player on which the foul has occurred, and no reasonable person would expect the game to be interrupted or action to be taken, then the VAR should allow the game to continue.

“VAR’s should only be recommending a review and changing an on-field decision when the footage absolutely and clearly shows that the on-field decision is incorrect.”   

Bosses state the technology will not be put aside mid-season.

The technology has been the subject of a number of controversial calls with FFA already standing down several VAR’s.