Roddy believes Sydney FC have claimed more than their fair share of lenient refereeing decisions this season and wants to see his former club treated equally.

“I would just hope that referee doesn’t get caught up in the hype of the occasion and stays on top of things,’’ Vargas told Foxsports.

“Sydney FC have been a bit protected in the A-League I believe and they tend to get more decisions go their way.

“In the Asian Champions League it’s been different. Brandon O’Neill and Josh Brillante get picked up for their fouls more often (than domestically).

“In the A-League they have often (foul) in transition and there’s bookings that don’t get picked up.

They're comments sure to add some extra spice to what's already building up to the biggest game of the season, with no love lost between coaches Kevin Muscat and Graham Arnold. 

“I just hope the game isn’t spoiled by Sydney’s stopping Victory’s rapid attacks. Not only is it an advantage for Sydney but it spoils the spectacle for the fans," Vargas continued.

“In the Sydney-Victory games, there’s also been clearer examples like the David Carney handball from last season.

“Sydney have never beaten us in normal time, only on penalties last season and back when I played."