Green Gully Cavaliers v Richmond

Saturday, September 11 at AAMI Park. Kick off, 7pm.


Meetings in 2010:

Round Two - Richmond 1 (Daniel Visevic 70'), Green Gully 3 (Nick Robinson 6'73', Steven Burton 20')

Round 13 - Green Gully 1 (Steven Burton 80'), Richmond 2 (Jesse Krncevic 7', Steven Topalovic 20')

Major Semi-Final - Richmond 1 (Michael Ferrante 60'), Green Gully 2 (Steven Burton 64', Jason Hayne 74')


Richmond and Green Gully will face off for the second time in three weeks to decide this year's champion.


At best, the Cavaliers hold a narrow psychological advantage from their finals win at Kevin Bartlett Reserve.


But that was a scrap, and with both teams playing on the almost perfect surface of AAMI Park, a higher quality game can be expected.


The Eagles did what they needed to over Hume City last week and the prominence of striker Daniel Visevic was a key factor.


He had numerous chances, scored or set up the opener and assisted Jesse Krncevic for the second.


It was a fine performance and if Richmond gets it again from Visevic, its first title could be 90 minutes away.


It will be an interesting battle in the middle of the park between some of the league's best midfielders.


Gully pair Jeffrey Fleming and Graham Hockless will go head to head with Eagles duo Michael Ferrante and Dimitri Tsiaras.


Opposing captains Fleming and Tsiaras work hard while Ferrante and Hockless are both capable of breaking open a game in quick time.


This battle for possession could decide which team wins.


Neither has had a prolific goal scorer this season, despite Visevic's heroics in the early part of the year.


Gully left back Steven Burton has scored nine times, including three against Richmond.


Strikers Brent Fisher and Mathew Sanders are likely to get first bite up front, although Jason Hayne could also get a start in an attacking role after his winner in the Major Semi-Final.


At the other end, Eagles striker Krncevic can also be a clinical front man.


He found the net against Hume and his intensity and involvement in the encounter is important.


On the goal lines, both Cavaliers' Nikola Roganovic and Eagles' Stjepan Gal have had good years.


But the latter conceded two soft goals from flighted long crosses in the loss late last month.


Roganovic has had rare moments of miscommunication with his central defensive pairing Mile Medjedovic and Daniel Jones, but they have been impressive for the most part.


Like the competition in 2010, this will be an even battle that will likely be decided by which teams can take its chances.


Key players

Graham Hockless - if the dynamic midfielder can get involved, others will too including Andy Vargas. He has an ability to be a match winner and can find the net.


Daniel Visevic - the impressive left footed attacker scores and assists on a regular basis. He takes set pieces and can score from distance. He could be the game breaker.



Green Gully 1 - 2 Richmond



(Qualifying Final) M1: Hume City 1-3 Green Gully

(Elimination Final) M2: Heidelberg United 3-1 Northcote City


(Major Semi-Final) M3: Richmond 1-2 Green Gully

(Minor Semi-Final) M4: Hume City 2-0 Heidelberg United


(Preliminary Final) M5: Richmond 2-1 Hume City


(Grand Final) M6: Green Gully v Richmond