A meeting in Melbourne last month between FFA, PFA and A-League representatives could not resolve issues hindering the management of Australian football which makes it a possibility that FIFA could intervene.

And at Melbourne Victory's season business launch today, Di Pietro's speech stated it was a combination of self-interest, political infighting and possibly incompetence.

"Four key pillars of any organisation are leadership, culture, accountability and financial stability, it can be argued that our game has been in some decline in all of these areas," Di Pietro said.

"The FFA through the member states are refusing to seed their overriding power to be in accordance with world football guidelines. At a time where we should be marching as one confidently together given that all A-League clubs have strong lists.ย 

"The Matildas are enjoying their best ever results, the Socceroos are poised to enter their final stage of World Cup Qualification. Finally, this year brings the opportunity for us to reach the biggest ever viewing audience with games on Channel 10."

He also called for A-League clubs to have more of an involvement and was adamant they would fight to have more jurisdiction.

"How embarrassing then that the principal in world football - FIFA could be called in to sort out our classroom,"ย he said.

"The A-League is the elite premier football competition.

"We generate 70 per cent of football revenue in Australia and yet collectively the A-League clubs only have one vote in the congress of 10 to token a meaningless vote.ย 

"To make this clear in a public forum, Victory in line with all other A-League clubs want the professional game being both players and clubs male and female to have a democratic say in the voting congress of Australia. So does FIFA, that's what we will work hard for to make happen."

There is set to be another meeting in mid-November with the union and A-League clubs.