Newcastle United fans anticipating Viduka’s debut are now seemingly faced with a longer wait after it was revealed that Allardyce will allow the V-Bomber to rest following the Asian Cup.

“If Mark goes out to play for Australia in the Asia Cup he will end up going on holiday after the tournament - there is no question about that,” he told Newcastle’s Chronicle.

"That is because it is six weeks of intensive training and four weeks of the tournament in the extreme heat and humidity in Asia.

"So it will not be a case for us of Mark Viduka being able to start the season. It is very unfortunate, but if this is the case then there is very little we can do about it.

"It is the same when the African Nations Cup comes along in January. If you want quality players and you want to get them at the right price, many of them are from the African nations and you have to swallow it when they go off.”

Newcastle’s first match will be away to Bolton at Reebok Stadium on August 11.