Though Fowler is adamant in his declarations that they didn’t reflect the quality of his side’s performances, results were hard to come for the Liverpool and England legend during the opening months of his spell as Roar only took two wins from their first 10.

Now, however, the Queenslanders have only lost a single game in their last eight, whilst only conceding six goals in that time frame.

The 44-year-old says he’s constantly picking up new things to aid him in his coaching duties, and that they’re empowering him to make the decisions he feels are necessary to put his team in winning positions.   

“I think I’m learning all the time,” he said.

“Every single day as a coach you learn different parts of how clubs are run, different parts of training, how you can adapt sessions, how you can adapt to players.

“As I’ve said from day one, I’m here to enjoy myself, here to try and get the best results and so far I’m liking it.

“Regardless of what I feel, I think it’s plainly obvious to see, I think we’ve made lots of good decisions during the season.

“In terms of letting players go, bringing players on at the right time, making subs early in games.

“I think I’ve proven to people I’m not afraid to make tough decisions.

“This is obviously what I want to do and fundamentally it is all about the right results and if that means making changes early doors so be it.”