Rostyn Griffiths - 5.5

Had trouble marking Singh, as his pace and timely passes were too good. Great pass through for de Laet's chance. Had a better and more influential second half, where he tried to drive his team forward and got on the ball. 

Kearyn Baccus - 4

Couldn't hold the ball much for most of the game. Did deliver a great ball through to de Laet and tried his luck at Kurto.

Lachlan Wales - 6

Didn't provide much up front, nothing was hit on target until his chance in the 62nd minute that was denied. 

Florin Berenguer-Bohrer - 4

Looked to break through at times, but didn't provide much in the first-half. Improved in the second-half. 

Riley McGree - 6

Wasn't heavily involved in the first half. Used his pace well to drive into his attack, but was blocked by Durante in the second 45. Was denied by Kurto in the 65th minute. 


Moudi Najjar - N/A

Got himself in good postions but needed to do more with the ball. 

Ramy Najjarine - N/A