For those who missed it, “Football Superstar” was a local version of a UK show called “Football Icon”, a football reality TV show aimed at finding the next big star.

Hosted by Irish singer (and football fanatic) Brian McFadden together with photogenic former Matilda and TV news presenter Amy Taylor, the FOX 8 show was something new and exciting for the game here in Australia.. 

The first Aussie winner back in 2008? It was…. Adam Hett.

But what happened to the then-19-year-old from Perth, who won a Sydney FC contract after being crowned the winner in 2008?

Injuries, sadly, scuppered any chance of Hett making it as football superstar - or even just a pro - but he’s used the scholarship he also won to help set him up outside of football.

But with football, Hett just can’t stay away and he may yet become a coaching superstar.

And his coaching journey has started.

The now-30-year-old product manager at Macquarie Bank filled FTBL in on the decade since being crowned the inaugural ‘Football Superstar’ winner.


“I didn’t really enjoy the reality TV side of it too much," Hett conceded. “Sometimes the producers would say, ‘you’re playing Central Coast today’ and they’d ask to film our reaction again with a little more enthusiasm.

“So you had to shoot it again and you’re thinking, ‘I’m not an actor, I’m just here to play football!’

“And I remember getting told off for not smiling enough.

“You watch reality TV shows now and people probably think it’s all live but I watch and think, “they would’ve shot that scene again!” I know the tricks of the trade,” he told FTBL, laughing.

“Some of us probably didn’t enjoy the ‘TV’ side of it. Others probably did.

“I was just there to play football.”

But play football he did. Very well. Hett caught the eye as a clever, skillful talent with a good work rate. And he delivered his best performances when he needed to.